Everything we loved

"Love is a drug of choice."

"Saara and Mika are in love but their lives and relationship are shadowed by drug addiction. Blinded by the rush they see the world as a clear and beautiful place despite the harsh environment. Is their love enough and where do you draw the line?

"Everything we loved" is a story about Saaras and Mikas love and their battle between right and wrong. The gross surroundings and bad habits are meaningless compared to their love.

"Everything we loved" is director Kristian Setäläs fourth short movie. He has previously also made several music videos, as that is something he is passionate about. Setälä puts value in that his pictures are visually attractive.


Length: 16 min, 2017
Subtitles: English
Approved for audiences over 16 years of age

Director - Kristian Setälä

Cinematographer - Sofia Ek

Sound Design - Johnny Aspelin

Producer - Freja Biström

contact: freja.bistrom@arcada.fi