Bathroom stories

"We didn’t make it to Art School or Med School but – WE DON’T CARE because there are cheap beers, dudes to hook up with on tinder and after parties in the bathtub."

Hilda is unemployed and Lo is working at a nursing home. They are privileged losers but in the bathroom the roommates can exist on their own terms, where judgemental voices and the norms of the patriarchy cannot reach. Nude and cheeky, honest and powerful. The unique story about Hilda and Lo investigates what it is like to be a young woman in 2017 – this time in an intimate environment we all know and visit daily.

Bathroom Stories is a web series of three episodes written and directed by Kaya Pakaslahti. Stories about girls are often considered uninteresting in a patriarchal world. Therefore Pakaslahti, as a form of protest, made a series about girls hanging about without the intention of pleasing anybody – and through this discuss feministic themes. The creators behind Badrumshistorier think the female experience need to claim more space in the media and be presented deliberately and in new ways.
Kaya Pakaslahti is a talented scriptwriter and director who create accurate dialogue and lovable characters. Starring Josefine Fri as Hilda and Sannah Nedergård as Lo.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 1: 8 min
Episode 2: 12 min
Episode 3: 13 min
Subtitles: English

Director - Kaya Pakaslahti

Cinematographer - Sophie Feldt

Sound Design - Magdalena Silin

Producer - Daniela Holm