The Diagnosis

“Our internal struggle is usually the toughest challenge”

Minéa is a young, promising dancer with a big challenge ahead of her - to win the evening dance competition. There is a lot of pressure, and the expectations are high. However, Minéa’s inner struggle with her anxiety is without a doubt her biggest challenge. She has chosen to take on the fight all by herself, and even though everything might seem fine on the surface, there is more to the story. Will Minéa find the courage she needs, and reach out for help?

The Diagnosis is a short film about anxiety, loneliness and the fact that anyone can feel unwell. The movie lifts up an important subject, that unfortunately affects a lot of young people.

The director, Rebecca Kurtén, has the capabilities to create meaningful, down to earth and beautiful storytelling. In the story about Minéa, she portrays and presents a young girl's inner fight in a real, trustworthy way. In the leading roles we have Ida Laukkanen (Talent Suomi 2016) as Minéa, Maria Sid (Donna Paukku) as her mum, and Ilona Nissinen as Minéa’s dance coach.


Length: 10 min, 2017
Subtitles: Swedish, Finnish and English

Director - Rebecca Kurtén

Cinematographer - Robert Sjöblom

Sound Design - Nicolas Lehtola

Producer - Mia Palmgren

Gaffer - Elias Lehtinen