En Främling Kör Oss Stolt Förbi

"Freedom, community, and a will to see the world. "

En främling kör oss stolt förbi is a documentary that gives us an insight into the everyday life of three bikers, and lets us listen to their thoughts on things. The film aims to break the stereotype of bikers by showing that they are ordinary people living an alternative lifestyle, not the crooks and bandits they are often portrayed as in the media, be it fiction or news.

In the film we will listen to Pieter van den Hoek, Carola Kaleva and Mika J. Saloranta telling us about their lives and valuations.

Photo, Direction and Sound - Freddie Andersson
Music - Henri Mitikka


Length: 11 min, 2017
Subtitles: -

Producer - Freddie Andersson

Music - Henri Mitikka

contact: freddie.andersson@arcada.fi