100 winters, one spring

"What happens when an unexpected friendship between a young woman and a mystical man begins?"

100 winters, one spring takes us to the Finnish countryside where the winter seems to last forever. Valma (22) lives in a village that is dying, likewise her hope for a better future. The winter brings along an unexpected friendship between Valma and a mystical man. When spring comes it is time for Valma to make a big decision about her future. 

100 winters, one spring is a short film that deals with subjects such as loneliness and yearning. The lovely Mimosa Willamo plays the lead role alongside the experienced Matti Onnismaa who plays the role as the mystical man. A new promising name, Inga Pohjolainen has written and directed the movie. Pohjolainen stands for a little shadowy, visually minimalistic style and she wants to do movies that touches people.


Length: 13 min, 2017
Subtitles: English

Director - Inga Pohjolainen

Cinematographer - Emilia Wik

Sound Design - Mats Söderman

Producer - Ida Kentala

contact: ida.kentala@arcada.fi