Sex Shop

"A young couple, Laura and Fredrik have sex for the first time, and the day after their relationship takes a whole new turn."

Laura is a student, a young and strong woman. And she is looking for a way to spend her time.

She has found Fredrik and he seems to be very different from what she thought. Together they practice communicating as a couple. They are trying to share their thoughts and opinions with each other and not just keeping them to themselves.

The short movie Sex Shop tells the story about a modern heterosexual relationship, where Laura and Fredrik are testing each other’s sexuality, expectations and secrets.

Monica Ollas is a new and promising director with a fresh perspective. She wants to tell her story in a light style, where you just can stop and think about your life in a more comical way, with help of an entertaining short movie.


Length: 8 min, 2017
Subtitles: English

Director - Monica Ollas

Cinematographer - Sarah Karjalainen

Sound Design - Anton Westerlund

Producer - Alfons Grönqvist