"Did you hear that?"

Filip (Rasmus Rask) is about to graduate, only if he would get the peace and quiet he needs to achieve that. He is constantly bothered by a haunting voice and an elderly lady Astrid (Laila Björkstam) who lives next door and only hears what she wants to hear. And what does a raccoon dog have to do with the whole thing?

The movie Shh... is written and directed by Markus Lindstedt. It tells us the story about stress amongst studies and how it can have a bad influence on the mental health. Lindstedt is a new promising director who has a good grip of dark humour and imaginative storytelling. In the future, Lindstedt wants to create high-quality entertainment in the filmbusiness.


Length: 15 min, 2017
Subtitles: English

Director - Markus Lindstedt

Cinematographer - Martin Engblom

Sound Design - Hjalmar Slangus

Producer - Sonja Laitinen