"A Finland-Swedish homosexual DJ wants to be accepted by his family on a family party. "

“Was that Calle? Is brother here?”

“Yes, to be honest, I may have invited a small part of our family.”

27-year-old Jonas arrives at his sister Elina’s birthday party only to find out that his gruff older brother Calle and a part of the family are also there. After not having seen his family for years Jonas wishes to finally be accepted and welcomed back. But, what was planned to be a joyful family reunion becomes an evening filled with prejudice and disapproval.

Bittersweet realism and a dash of subtle humour – In Släktträffen the audience discovers through Jonas’ eyes a family that is stuck with values of a different time. Still, all of those characters in the film remind us painfully much of our own families. Släktträffen breaks down relevant topics like acceptance and family, but still leaves enough space to come to our own conclusions.

Director Oscar Öhman truly masters the art of observation. His identifiable characters and stories reflect all of reality’s many complex layers and they literally come to life in front of the camera. Without tricks and cheats Öhman showcases his fundamental understanding of film art in his latest work Släktträffen: recognizable characters with a natural chemistry.


Length: 12 min, 2017
Subtitles: English

Director - Oscar Öhman

Cinematographer - Mats Sund

Sound Design - Max Salomaa

Producer - Viktor Sohlström