Stora Pojkar

"What happens when you leave the sandbox to play with the others?"

We are set in a playground where the friends Einar and Filip are playing in a sandbox. A bit away someone's having a water fight. Einar gets curious about the gang farther away - but what happens when you are 60 years old and leave the sandpit to play with the others?

Stora pojkar is an absurd drama where power structures, bullying and friendship are shown in a surrealistic way. In addition to a thoughtful story, the film is a visual work spiced with comic moves. A film about adulthood, where you constantly have to make difficult choices.

The scriptwriter and the director of the movie is Henrik Storsjö. A brave and innovative director, with an eye for the the big picture.
Starring Dick Idman and Mikko Neuvonen.


Length: 11 min, 2017
Subtitles: English

Director - Henrik Storsjö

Cinematographer - Petra Kirvesniemi

Sound Design - Henri Mitikka

Producer - Hanna Lämsä